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"The CEM Certification Program is very engaging and thought-provoking. I came away with relevant & applicable ideas to enhance our customer's experience."
Chris Pedersen
Manager / R.J. Reynolds
"We are excited to return to our organization and put your ideas, suggestions and tools into practice. We would definitely recommend the seminar to other organizations. "
Christine Elerick
Quality Development Facilitator, Custom Critical / FedEx
"This was one of the best programs I have attended. Not only was the speaker inviting and knowledgeable, but the staff provided just as much information. I feel completely prepared to apply information learned into my company. The tools provided are useful and well organized. I would recommend this to all organizations and company who are looking to enhance their customers experience."
Elaina Lee
CEM Practitioner / Blue Care Network
"This was one of the best conferences I attended. (It) not only offered me the knowledge to implement but also showed me the tools. All the presentations were very knowledgeable and passionate. I would recommend this course to everyone, no matter what function you work (in)."
Eleezeh Safarians
Director of Customer Experience / Philips Health Care Systems

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