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CEM Practitioners

Insights into our Customer Experience Management Certification Program from previous attendants. 


We have worked on some of the toughest CEM assignments to transform product-focused organizations into customer-centric market leaders. Focusing on execution, we ensure that our ideas are put into action to create competitive differentiation, and ultimately lead to an increased market share, profitability and increased customer loyalty.

After over 12 years of working with some of the world’s leading brands, our CEM Certification program is infused with our first-hand experiences and insights. With interactive exercises, relevant case studies and group dialogue, you will come away from the program with a firmer grasp on the core concepts, winning strategies and hot topics surrounding customer-centric culture. You will have a framework for next steps in your key focus areas when you return back to your organization.  

Read what some of our alumni have to say about their experience in our program.

"Smart. Energetic. Insightful. Logical. Needed. (This is) a truly informative CE program with seasoned and passionate advocates of the customer. I've learned a lot and now have the challenge of applying this new strategy to the world of direct and online advertising. I know I have a good foundation from what I am taking back home from this conference."
Rachel DeFriend
Account Supervisor / Javelin Direct
"I have had the distinct honor of attending the Strativity Group’s CEM program, and can state with much enthusiasm that he paints quite the picture. My outlook had been well influenced in ways that reach beyond the business spectrum. This event had not been lecture-like at all. It was animated, and alive. Looking back, I recall emotional outbursts from his audience, such as laughs and sighs. We all left dreamers and go- getters, believing the world is at our finger tips. Now, that’s motivation, wouldn’t you say?! I hope to soon enjoy another run with the Strativity team. As for Lior and his entire squad, thank you for the fun."
Jason Kleinfeld
Web Customer Advocacy / B&H Photo-Video, Inc.
"We are excited to return to our organization and put your ideas, suggestions and tools into practice. We would definitely recommend the seminar to other organizations. "
Christine Elerick
Quality Development Facilitator, Custom Critical / FedEx
"(The) CEM certification programme was worth the 18 hour flight from South Africa to the US. I have been battling to put together a Customer Experience strategy and the strategic framework has simplified the process."
Tiisetso Ponoane-Maebela
Manager Customer Experience, Card Business Services / Standard Bank
"This was one of the best conferences I attended. (It) not only offered me the knowledge to implement but also showed me the tools. All the presentations were very knowledgeable and passionate. I would recommend this course to everyone, no matter what function you work (in)."
Eleezeh Safarians
Director of Customer Experience / Philips Health Care Systems
"Fun two days, wealth of knowledge. Many ideas to take back. Examples brought it back to earth."
Kris Grube
Manager, Global Customer Service / Mallinckrodt Baker Inc.
"This was one of the best programs I have attended. Not only was the speaker inviting and knowledgeable, but the staff provided just as much information. I feel completely prepared to apply information learned into my company. The tools provided are useful and well organized. I would recommend this to all organizations and company who are looking to enhance their customers experience."
Elaina Lee
CEM Practitioner / Blue Care Network
"The CEM Certification Program was the best program I have attended in the 17+ years I have been involved in customer experience and loyalty. I left with a renewed sense of wanting to make an impact in my company and the program provided me with the tools and knowledge to accomplish that. Lior did a tremendous job interjecting real world examples that helped the attendees relate to experiences in their own organizations. This is a must-have program for any organization wanting to re-energize the experience they deliver to their customers."
Linette Myland
Customer Satisfaction Specialist / Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
"The CEM Certification Program is very engaging and thought-provoking. I came away with relevant & applicable ideas to enhance our customer's experience."
Chris Pedersen
Manager / R.J. Reynolds
"This program forces one to truly think about how well their organizations are equipped to deliver meaningful customer experiences that maximize revenues and what it takes to do it well. The series of exercises covered in the sessions were well organized and thought out and provide a great blueprint for future success. The highlight of this program was the effective use of real business examples to underscore key customer centric strategies. This program delivered a positive customer experience for me that has stimulated follow up action within my organization and provided clarity on how to begin the journey."
Jeffrey A. Bourret
Executive Director, Healthcare Systems Marketing / Wyeth Pharmaceuticals